What We Do



We specialize in custom wood trim and moldings in the exact profile and species to fit your needs. Today, custom trim has become a way for homeowners to add a personal touch to their home. We can help you accentuate any room of your house.

Custom Designs

Turn Your Dreams into a Beautiful Reality. At TrimCo, we specialize in creating sophisticated, stunning interiors that perfectly fit each client's lifestyle. Trimo Co Design is always here to help you. Whether you want classic style, modern interior design or something in between, great interior design services are just a phone call away.


Breathing new life into an existing home can be a challenge, but it is also one our greatest passions. It takes vision and courage to make drastic changes to your home, and it takes a truly fantastic team of artisans to help you achieve a satisfying outcome. No matter the scope of your renovation, we have the expertise and talent to see your vision through from beginning to end.

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